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  • Hi All The district have come up with a nice idea to have the kids read the remembrance poem and for clips to be stitched together so all groups are together. This was planned for our first Thursday back but we are not now returning in time due to the lockdown. Could I ask therefore

  • Dear All We have still not had official guidance from headquarters regarding whether or not we are permitted to remain open during the second lockdown. We have therefore made a local decision to CLOSE for the duration of the 1 month lockdown. The current plans are to return in December after the lockdown is lifted as long as we are

  • Hi We are being contacted by a few parents to ask if we are still open this week following on from the Prime Ministers announcement at the weekend. The latest guidance from County headquarters, published just after the announcement, was that we are to remain unchanged but to expect a further update when all details

  • Hi AllCould we ask each scout to bring a plastic carrier bag to scouts with them on 15/10/20? This is to be used in an activity so will not come back in one piece. Ideally an old style plastic carrier but a bag for life would work if you don't have an old style one.Thanks Dave Lindsay Group

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