Hi All

Just a reminder that we are, weather permitting, meeting at Hesley Woods tomorrow and NOT at the scout hut.  Should the weather turn particularly bad we will of course let you know in good time to drop of as normal at the Scout hut.

The Beavers should be dropped off at 4.10pm and the Scouts and Cubs should be dropped off at 5.25pm to allow time to take an attendance register and submit names and contact details of all those attending,   Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles unless it is absolutely necessary to get out, and then social distancing must be followed.

Arrangements for pick up –   we will try to section the car park into two,  one for the pick up of beavers and the other for drop off for the other sections.

When picking up your child, you are asked to remain with your car and if at all possible park so as to maintain social distancing.   Leaders will look out for individual parents and send/escort your child to your car.  There is a one way system in place for entering and exiting the car park, please take extra care when moving around the site or using the driveway.

We hope that you will support us in these matters, as these are the rules stipulated by the centre, and look forward to seeing the children at the appropriate times.

If for any reason your child is unable to attend please let your groups leader know so that we are not waiting for anyone.

Thank you

The leadership team