Sorry folks the letter which came out on Thursday should have had a separate slip attached for you to return if your child wishes to go on the trip, however, this was missed off!.  Totally my fault, having a senior moment i forgot to do the slips.   As im sure you can imaging things are a little hectic at the moment, trying to arrange this trip, on top of all the paperwork, shopping and arranging for the cub and scout camp which is coming up this next Friday, so I can only apologies.

I did actually notice the slip was missing and asked the kids to tell parents just to send  a piece of paper, but they may not have remember.

if you can simply write your child’s full name, date of birth and your telephone number on which you will be contactable on the day, then sign it and send it with the £5 payment that would be very much appreciated.

As it says in the letter slips and payment MUST be made by the 23rd of June at the latest in order to book a place.

Many thanks

Chil (Wendy)